Character Creation


You may choose a career from one listed in the Rogue Trader Core Rulebook.

Character creation will be a group effort. Duplicate careers should be avoided. I can work around some missing careers but some I would strongly recommend to have represented by PCs, namely the Rogue Trader, Navigator, someone with good piloting ability and an explorer type (Explorator, Seneschal).

Characteristics and Abilities

Once everyone has decided their career:

  • Role 2d10 + 25 for each stat
  • You can choose to re-roll one stat of your choice
  • Use the Origin Path to determine your character’s history from the bottom up (starting with chosen career path).
  • You may do one jump in your path meaning you can have one selection in a row be more than one column distance, for character background purposes
  • Choose skill, traits, talents according to the book rules


Once all characters have been made, final Profit Factor will be known and each character can get their one bonus acquisition.


Characters will also need to answer the following questions in brief:

  1. Where are you from? Name and describe the planet you are from and what life is like there (matching the category of planets from the Origin Path)
  2. How did you meet the Rogue Trader/crew and how did you end up on this ship
  3. Name and describe one NPC whom you trust and like
  4. Name and describe one NPC who is your enemy and why

Site Updating

Bonus rewards will be given out for adding to this site:

  • Your character in the character list
  • Your home world in the wiki
  • Your friendly and enemy NPCs in the character list

Character Creation

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